Withiflor Rolling Stone


Sire:  Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star
ex Dam: Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW
DOB: 28.06.2013

Photo: Shel Cowles - West of England Ch Show 2019


**Awarded CC at Crufts 2015 - Judge Phil Young (Canyonn)**


Roly Paignton Aug 2014
Photo by Shel Cowles at Paignton Ch Show 2014


 This young dog, of good type and temperament, is available at stud having sired a litter of six pups to W Shiny Boots , born 21.04.2016;
Roly is a gentle soul who will take time to settle to the task, but we hope he will pass on his qualities.

PRA and FN Hereditary clear
AON and AMS clear

PRA and Gonioscopy tested clear October 2019; 

Hip Score 7:4 



P6075151 copy - Roly with his Dad
...at Three Counties Ch Sh  2015 with his sire, Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star..
this day, Les Forfar awarded Roly his 3rd CC and BOB

Judges' Critique: 

"Ellison’s Withiflor Rolling Stone. A beautifully balanced Golden at the 
top of his game. Gentle, but undoubtedly masculine head and expression. 
Absolutely correct length of neck in to the best of well laid 
shoulders. Big ribbed, short, deep body. Well boned legs with the best 
of thickly padded feet. Very well presented in superb coat and 
condition. Moved confidently with reach and drive. It was my pleasure 
to award him his 3rd CC and later BOB."


Pups sired by Roly - Spring 2017










Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star





Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gillespie 


Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales

Faymyr Chickadee Tan Spats

Burlough BUck

Cleopatra of Faymyr

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Ghia

Sh Ch Quettadene Emblem

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Genevieve JW


Sh Ch Asquanne’s Georgette

Sh Ch Quettadene Discretion

Sh Ch Perrytree The Dreamer

Sh Ch Quettadene Modesty

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Giorgio

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales

Kendrick Kandice of Asquanne




Sh Ch Canigou Classic Rock



Sh Ch Claramand Rock-n-Roll with Molkara

Claramand The Man in Black

Claramand Hotshot JW

Sh Ch So Sad Cinderella of Claramand

Paisley’s quite a bit of Claramand

SuCh Claramand B’Serious

NuCh Paisley’s Jewel of the Night


Sh Ch Canigou Classical

Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Gold

Quettadene Footsteps

Sh Ch Canyonn Celeste

Canigou Camisole

Sh Ch Canigou Cambrai

Cornbow Virginia by Canigou





Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW  
Dob  20.10.2009

Hereditarily clear: PRA and FN

CC Crufts 2012

CC and BOB Crufts 2013




Sh Ch Weirdene Winning Sweep
clear: PRA and FN


Weirdene Sunglint

Weirdene Western Timothy

Lochdene Sebastian

Weirdene Gilder Rose

Weirdene Wild Panzy

Weirdene Winagain

Weirdene Crystal


Weirdene Will be News

Weirdene Winagain

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales

Weirdene Waki Gold

Weirdene Wishful Thinker

Beligar Walsh of Weirdene

Weirdene Whim Wham



Canigou Tail Me Story RCC clear: PRA and FN  HIP:  8/6



Sh Ch & Spanish ChHelenwood Technique

Sh Ch Kendalwood Campaigner

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales

Kendalwood Cointreau

Helenwood Chances Are

Lujesa Copper Kettle at Helenwood

Polarmoon Celtic Magic at Helenwood


Sh Ch Canigou Classical

Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Gold

Quettadene Footsteps (1CC)

Sh Ch Canyonn Celeste

Canigou Camisole

Sh Ch Canigou Cambrai
iBIS Crufts 1996


Cornbow Virginia by Canigou 4 RCC’s


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