The Cocker Club July 2016

The Cocker Spaniel Club

Championship Show - 17th July 2016
Judges:  Annie Kettle (Lujesa) Dogs
Sally Ellison (Withiflor) Bitches
Barbara Ward (Wensum) Referee



Amos-Jones' - Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom
Best in Show

West's Sheigra Shining Star JW ShCm
Reserve Best in Show, and
Wildman & Edwards' Manlinson Audrey Hepburn
Best Puppy in Show



West's Sheigra Shining Star JW ShCm
Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show

P1010540 P1010547 

 Wildman & Edwards' Manlinson Audrey Hepburn
Best Puppy in Show
Driver’s Sprinstein Stars Delight at Beckaby
Best Veteran Bitch


Wildman & Edwards' Manlinson Audrey Hepburn
Best Puppy Bitch and  Best Puppy in Show
Craig’s Alisma Alegra
Best Minor Puppy Bitch


Bitch CC 
West's Sheigra Shining Star JW ShCm

Reserve CC
Lowery’s  Bartonholm Nobody’s Girl JW ShCm


P1010583 CHallenge 1-3

The Challenge

P1010582 Challenge 3-6



.........the Judge's point of view....

I am beginning to write this a week after my judging appointment and, on reflection – and having recovered my legs and feet – I can say how much I enjoyed the day and what an honour and privilege it has been to judge our breed at this level.     The whole day and evening event were a pleasure – in good company.   Many thanks to all who entered their lovely bitches.

It was interesting to see a strong representation from the continent, mainly solids, competing well with our home-grown – all were handled to advantage, although sadly some were spoilt by excessive scissor/clipper work;  we all like to see a well presented cocker, groomed to advantage, but a natural look would be the preferred end result; less can be more at both ends of the scale.

I felt the entry presented strength in parti-colours, but generally over all good cocker type, which is encouraging.

One or two concerns, particularly with the weight carried by several minor puppies – we like to see a well covered cocker but there is a difference between body and just plain fat !   It cannot be good for them.    If they have the rib they will grow into it.   I noticed a touch of “spaniel mouth” and dirty teeth in a couple of exhibits, which is simply a matter of husbandry.   Feet trimming needs attention as does the amount of coat carried around the stifle and, in some, length; excess coat causes all sorts of irritations and can affect the final assessment – the Standard calls for less.

At the end of the day, I was very pleased with my final line-up and awarded the CC to a compact, cockery, black without exaggeration and the RCC to a quality blue of excellent type.

At the end of the day I could not but concur with the Dog Judge to award BIS to the DCC winner who is an outstanding example of our breed at the peek of his career; my BCC was the Reserve BIS.   Well done all.



Class 27: Puppy [3] – three youngsters of good cocker type from the Continent: equal quality stacked

1st Mahe’s Lady Million du Domaine de Kerarzic Vilin - Black, 7 mnths, pleasing head, well balanced, good reach of neck;  correct shoulder placement and angulation; well ribbed, rounded quarters; straight topline held with sound movement; presented a square picture stacked,  in good coat and condition for age;  this bitch should mature on well;

2nd Simonelli’s Meden Agan Love me Do – Black 9 months; little to separate first and second placings; similar comments apply - this bitch lost out in head and body, which I am sure will come with maturity; her movement needs to tighten.

3rd   De Paule’s Lulu Castagnette De L’Orme a Lieue 

Class 28: Novice [4]

1st  Mace’s Cachel Moviestar for Fonesse – 14 mnth Black, exactly what I would look for at this age: balanced all round with pleasing head, kind eye, good reach of neck, well angulated, plenty of heart room, with great bone and spring of rib, rounded quarters; a picture stacked, she stands four square; streets ahead in this class, in spite of the impossible task of assessing her movement.

2nd  Pollock’s Thurness Shadow Dreams  - Black with sweet head and correct proportions;  well presented, holding her topline on the move. 

3rd Reed’s Delindere Dressed for Fun 

Class 29: Graduate [11(2)]

1st  De Paule’s  Izia De L’Orme a Lieue – Black – Lovely type; liked her head, good reach of neck, excellent shoulder placement; good angulation, well off for bone; short, well ribbed; good quarters; sound movement, although a bit eratic – rather too much scissor work for my liking – overall, one to like.

2nd Young’s Canyonn Classic Symphony - Black – a good type from this kennel; a sound, square cocker; with all desired qualities; would prefer more work in head; well put down; could make more effort on the move;

3rd Palmer’s Glenntree Shahana Robraine 

Class 30: Open [7(2)]

1st Darby’s  Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway JW – compact, cobby, black; head has good definition, sweet expression; presents a balanced picture with good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement and angulation, well boned; good spring of rib, short coupled, well muscled quarters; merry, driving action, covering the ground; I have admired this bitch since a pup – just my type - would have liked more width and tighter presentation; shortlisted to the final;

2nd Gilmour’s Chavez Royal Grace ; another good black of the type expected from this kennel; quality with style and substance; good reach of neck, correct angles; developed quarters; sound, driving, action; very cockery.

3rd  Blanquier’s  Idesia Des Hauts de Clemalive 


Class 31: Puppy [2]

1st Cottebrune’s  Lune de Miel of Merrily – preferred the finish over 2:  sweet head and expression, with good angles and plenty of bone;  well ribbed with strong quarters; nicely presented with easycare coat; could do with less feathering on front legs as it distracts from otherwise sound movement.

2nd Vere’s  Glenntree Carousel with Adrona  -  pleasing head; moderation all through; good reach of neck, well ribbed and nicely rounded quarters; firm topline; a good sort, sound moving and cockery; needs to mature on.

Class 32: Novice [5(2)]

1st Kengyelics  Hebdene Hunnibee  lovely type of golden; sweetest expression with plenty of work in head; good reach of neck, well placed shoulders and angulation; deep, well ribbed body, short coupled and strong quarters; excellent legs and feet; tight topline; moved well; nicely presented.

2nd Desmarchelier’s Lady Janet du Bois D’Achelles ; liked this bitch for type and general balance; felt she was underweight and therefore lacked condition; sound movement

3rd Glennerster’s Glentree Mademoiselle

Class 33: Graduate [1]

1st Blanquier’s  - Merry Cocktails Idea; certainly my idea - with lots to like;  balanced all through; well defined head, good angles; deep body with plenty of heart room; well boned; good tight feet; sound, merry movement; pity about the excessive clipper/scissor work. 

Class 34: Open [3] - a frustrating class with a difficult decision between first two, both of whom have excellent qualities, just preferred the more compact appearance of the winner:

1st Young’s Canyonn Classic Harmony   - balanced, without exaggeration; would prefer more work in head; correct angulation, good rib and well made quarters;  short coupled; sound, straight movement; sadly left her coat at home today – pity !

2nd Bentley’s Sh Ch Canigou Sun Tanned – lots to like about this bitch; good head, kind eye; correct shoulder placement and angles, deed chest and well sprung rib; strong quarters; plenty of bone, nice tight feet; true moving, merry cocker – I imagine should prove another successful brood for this kennel.

3rd Marris Bray’s Helenwood Gift Wrapped 


Class 35: Puppy [12(4)] – interesting class; some very promising youngsters;

1st Wildman & Edwards’  Manlinson Audrey Hepburn – 11 month blue roan of excellent type and quality;  with style and enough substance to match her age; lovely feminine head with kind dark eye; good reach of neck, correct angles, well bodied and short coupled ; good quarters; sound movement, holding topline with correct tail carriage; smooth coat texture presentation A1 – Best Puppy Bitch; BPIS on referees’ decision;

2nd Masters & Birkenshaw’s  Gilcar Crystal Blue with Manchela – Blue roan of similar type to winner,  felt she needs to body up and mature on to complete the picture; has more work in the head to winner, which I preferred, with dark eye and kind expression; balanced all through; correctly laid back shoulders and good angulation; short coupled; lovely straight legs and neat feet; moving with drive, covering the ground well with a “look at me” attitude;

3rd Brown & Crossley’s Cassom Colour me Blue for Atherbron 

Class 36: Novice [8(2)]

1st Roberts & Smith – Danton Holy Quest:  another quality blue of good cocker type with all the attributes, showing the influence of her sire: scored in head, well bodied without being overdone; nicely put down, sound movement

2nd Smith’s Ryallcourt Temptation at Gracemia – blue roan, close up to winner, with similar attributes, but felt she dropped away at the croup, which made the decision;

3rd  Jarman’s Acqquelin Eleckra

Class 37: Graduate [12]

1st Babester’s Charbonnel Flip ‘N’ Heck at Kalispell JW  - dark blue, very short and compact – correct all round without exaggeration – a leg at each corner; sound moving – just a lovely cobby little cocker – short listed;

2nd Kew’s Manchela Startime at Wylyeview JW – blue of equal quality to winner, a little more upstanding; but ticks all the boxes – sound, merry movement;  well put down.

3rd  Nugent’s Nulea Blue Saphire

Class 38: Open [4(1)]

1st Cowles’ Charbonnel Show “N”Tell at Shenjela – nicely presented blue roan in good coat and condition; deep chested, short coupled, well off for bone; good quarters; sound movement.

2nd Provost’s Belg ShCh Troubles in Paradise Mac-Illtellmema – blue roan with good head and correct angles; short coupled, moved well; presentation left something to be desired;

3rd Mahe’s I Follows Rivers Due Domaine De Kerazic Vilin 

Class 39: Open Particolour (other than Blue Roan) [7(3)]

1st Scotland’s Think of Me – Orange roan – reflects her Scottish breeding; balanced head, plenty of work, with dark eye and good pigmentation; good reach of neck, fine shoulder placement and well defined correct angulation; well ribbed, short coupled; excellent legs and feet; well developed quarters; firm topline held nicely with sound movement;  well presented; much to like.

2nd Williams’ Manacas She’s Got the Look for Wilmerella – Orange roan of good cocker type; difficult to assess movement as not handled by her owner.

3rd Hill’s Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill

Class 40.Special Working [2(1)]

1st Vergne-Toubeau’s Clicaper’s Gimme Gimme – a good type of orange roan who looked and felt as though she was fit for a days’ work;  short coupled, well angulated and sound moving. 

Class 41: Veteran [11] a good class of oldies and not so oldies !

1st Driver’s Sprinstein Stars Delight at Beckaby  -  this blue, at 11 years, is really doing the breed proud; presented in good condition, she is of good type, without exaggeration, stands square on good legs and feet; well bodied, not carrying extra weight; moving soundly, holding her topline and just being a merry cocker; BVB;

2nd Lockwood’s Lujesa Caselina at Chimewood – 9 year old black, of quality and style, belying her veteran status; lovely head and eye, good reach of neck into correct shoulder placement; good angles, well bodied; good legs and feet; short coupled and well let down; moved well.

3rd  Blackley & Salero’s Sh Ch Glenntree Ruby Slippers JW ShCm

Class 42: Minor Puppy [23(6)] promising parti-colour puppies in this class – good for the breed; inevitably some good ones went cardless and no doubt they will change places as the year passes;

1st Craig’s Alisma Alegra – 7 mnth blue; sweetest head and expression, correct angulation, balanced, without exaggeration;   a short, cobby, cocker; deep ribbed, well bodied with developed quarters; stands four square on well boned legs and nice tight feet; moves with enthusiasm, holding her topline with good tail action;  just delightful, probably one of the best from this kennel; would hope to see her future in the green cards !  BMPB.

2nd Mitchell’s Glowhill Silvery Moon – Blue roan, very typical of this kennel; always produces a good sort; unfortunate to meet the winner in this strong class.      Has all the qualities to look for at this age.  Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder placement; well sprung rib, short coupled, nice straight limbs; tidy merry action.

3rd Reed’s Jardinisle Euphoria 

Class 43: Puppy [7]

1st Duncan’s Bartonholm Bellissima – 11 mnth dark blue; her style and class impressed; coming into her own at this age; well balanced head with dark eye, good reach of neck; well placed shoulders and correct angulation; well bodied without excess weight; good bone and substance, without exaggeration; sound movement; excellent coat texture, presented to advantage; one of the best I’ve seen produced by her sire;

2nd Masters and Birkenshaw’s  Gilcar Crystal Blue with Manchela

3rd Seaman’s Oakrosa Rosy Rue

Class 44 - Junior [11(1)]

1st Grice’s Kyna Chas Dingle – blue roan winning this class with relative ease on her overall good type, maturity and presentation; upstanding with plenty of substance; correct angles, well bodied, nice firm top line with correct tail placement; in hard condition, sound movement.

2nd Fairbairn’s Camelfair Shooting Star – different type to winner; attractive blue roan and tan; needs to be handled to be appreciated: excellent head, nice dark eye; good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement and angles; well ribbed, short coupled; moves well and nicely presented.

3rd Young’s Canyonn Classical Music 

Class 45 – Yearling [13(1)]

1st Kengyelics Hebdene Hip Hop – this black impressed; presented in excellent coat and condition; would like a little more work in head, but that should come with maturity; kind, dark eye; good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, correct angulation; plenty of depth and width; well sprung rib; short coupled; nice straight legs and neat feet; well let down; true movement, holding topline; shortlisted in the final reckoning.

2nd Pollock’s Thurness Shadow Dreams -

3rd Glennerster & Nicholas-Steele’s  Kalrizienne’s Zaffiro 

Class 46 - Maiden [10]

1st Roberts and Smith’s Rayol The Final Chapter – compact, deep and well bodied black, good bone, strong limbs, correct angulation; pleasing head, nicely presented; moved well to win this class

2nd Mace’s Cachel Moviestar for Fonesse

3rd Beswick’s Cachel Ice Maiden 

Class 47 – Tyro [10(4)]

1st Whitehead’s  Ryallcourt Pearl Button – black and white, pristine presentation; pleasing head, dark eye; good reach of neck; well bodied with deep rib; firm top line; moves soundly;

2nd Fairbairn and Madigan’s Misperros Silver Lining at Carmelfair – close up to winner with similar qualities; liked her type and style; two good bitches.

3rd Wyeth’s Molkara Miranda From Fendrove

Class 48 – Special Beginners [7(1)]

1st Driver’s Courtmaster Songbird at Beckaby – classic blue type, well ribbed with good legs and feet; correct angulations; well developed quarters; sound movement; carrying a little extra weight over shoulders, which spoilt her outline.

2nd Goodwin’s Sarabar Sassyfras – black, too much hair around stifle distracted; generally ticks the boxes; sound;

3rd Simpson’s Evaremoc Dark Diamond 

Class 49 - Post Graduate [14(5)]

1st Roberts & Smith’s Rayol Lady Penny – this black caught my eye and really impressed on handling; balanced all through with big ribs, good bone and muscled quarters; well presented in good coat and condition; moves well with owner; was disappointed with her performance in the challenge due to different handler, pity !

2nd Share-Jones  Sharemead Golden Locks – smart golden with sweet head and expression, nothing to hide, everything in the right place; moves well holding topline.

3rd De Paule’s  Izia de L’Orme a Lieue 

Class 50 – Minor Limit [8]

1st Lowery’s  Bartonholm Nobody’s Girl JW ShCm – classy blue I have judged as a youngster; without coarseness in body or coat; good proportions all through; pleasing head and expression, correct reach of neck and shoulder placement, good angles; well bodied, deep with plenty of heartroom; rounded quarters; plenty of bone, neat feet; effortless, sound movement, holding topline and good tail action;  pleased to see how she has progressed; pleased to award her the RCC.

2nd Mitchell’s  Glowhill Miss Saigon – compact blue of different type to winner; her offspring, in the minor puppy class, proves her worth and good type for this kennel; a good solid bitch to handle; felt she was rather out of coat and needs more time to recover from her litter; sound, cockery movement – always liked her as a youngster.

3rd Reed’s Reemif Ice Ice Baby ShCm 

Class 51 – Limit  [12(2)]

1st West’s  Sheigra Shining Star JW ShCm – this black grew on me; she is not your face but with handling she really comes together; sweetest of heads, well defined with dark eye and kind expression; there is no exaggeration, with moderate length of neck, well placed shoulder and good angulation; plenty of width to forechest; excellent legs and feet; well ribbed, short coupled with firm top line and correct tail set; rounded, muscled quarters; well let down; merry, sound moving cocker; presented in good coat and condition – delighted to award her the CC;  RBIS in agreement with my co-judge.

2nd Cottebrune’s  Cachel French Kiss – black and tan with rich, clear, markings; rather different type to winner – excellent head; good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders with correct angulations; short coupled with good bone and substance; sound moving and very well put down; lots to like.

3rd Craig’s  Doubtless Pillow Talk (Imp Serb) 

Class 52 –Open   [10 (3)]

1st Whitings’ Sh Ch Annilann Miss Sing JW – smart blue roan of good type; pleased to have the opportunity of handling this top winning bitch; has all the qualities expected in a Ch.  Short and well bodied with correct angulation, stands four square on strong legs and neat feet; firm topline, correct tail set; sound movement ;  short listed – felt her overall appearance a little tired in the final run-off.

2nd Reid’s Shanaz Oaty – quality blue, slighter in type and not so motivated; well presented, she looks the part stacked; sweetest head, well angulated, short coupled; nice straight legs and neat feet – would have like a little bit more of her.

3rd Ladislav Skarek’s Ser Ch Heidy Skar-Line C R



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