Withiflor Puppies 
from the best...for the best

Blue pup with Chrys


Withiflor is a small kennel, rearing one or two litters a year, with the aim of
producing sound and healthy puppies of
good show cocker type, in accordance with
the Breed Standard and temperament to
meet their intended lifestyle;
be it in the Show ring or family pet.  


As a member of the Kennel Club’s
Assured Breeder Scheme, the kennel
has been successfully inspected and
meets with the requirements of the Scheme.
Health checks are carried out on all breeding stock
with help and advice given to new puppy owners
upon collection of their puppy


Follow-up advice is always available to owners of Withiflor cockers

as and when they need it.

 New puppy owners will receive a comprehensive Puppy Pack including specific breed advice,
feed chart, health records, Kennel Club Registration papers, insurance and sales agreement.

If you would like to discuss puppy availability – CONTACT Sally  phone 01460 62871 or email:  [email protected]     


The following photos are examples of puppies bred at Withiflor.


 Pups on chair  


Ellie hd Ellie hd



 Luv my bro

 "...luv my bro..." 

Whits pups April 2014


Pat with Whits pups

Lovely armsful......


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