Crufts 2017

CRUFTS 11.03.2017


CRUFTS 11.03.2017

Cocker Spaniel – Dogs
Rodney Wyatt (Bitches)

Dog CC and Best of Breed
SH Ch Vincenzo Veratey at Cassom 
Bartonholm Nobody's Girl JW ShCm 
Best Puppy
Manchela Where the Heart Is


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DCC - SH Ch Vincenzo Veratey at Cassom
RDCC - Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW
Best Puppy Dog -  Glentree Tradition

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To be invited to judge your chosen breed at this level is both an honour and privilege; and when the call arrives, long in advance of the due date, it hardly seems to be a reality.    The time, however, passes all so quickly and here we are – I don’t believe nervousness comes into it, but certainly excitement and some anxiety and determination to do right by all who have entered their dogs and given you the opportunity to make a judgment – I hope I have done that.

The Kennel Club make it clear, in their pre-judging “get together”, that health and soundness are a priority and must be seen to be taken seriously by judges;  the time constraints with a numerically large number of dogs entered also required a tight schedule;  to achieve the latter, good stewards are a god-send.

My general thoughts about our breed, most of whom were of good type and cleanly presented, continue to be concerns about heads, dentition and presentation.    Attention must be made to a tendency towards a pinched, narrow foreface in some blues; heavy, overdone skull in solids, both of which give an uncharacteristic appearance.   We do not want to see poor dentition in a cocker and exhibitors must not tolerate a level bite or teeth out of place in their show stock.   I am sure exhibitors know that I am keen to see a well turned out dog;  excessive hair on the hock and great lengths of feathering does not compliment.   

That said, all exhibitors who enter their cockers at this Show are to be commended for their dedication and enthusiasm to the breed.  My winners featured wonderful examples of the breed and I was delighted that my co-judge agreed to send Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom forward to the Group.


Veteran: (15)













1st  Bentley’s  Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star; this black and tan continues to please, showing no sign of aging; he is a strong, compact dog, of correct size and construction, shown to advantage on the move with merry driving action;  as sound as a bell, in excellent coat and condition, with the best of heads – he was amongst three dogs considered for the RCC.

2nd Hacketts’ Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest   Holding his years well, this blue still impresses, with his good type;   well balanced throughout, correctly made he has substance without coarseness – a credit to the breed.

3rd. Marques’ Por GR/USA/CAN/GIB/CIE.CH Haradwater Nobleman : this 9 yrs light blue, well presented in good coat and condition, looks in his prime: compact, well ribbed, with good bone; correct reach of neck and well angulated; sounds movement, covering the ground.

Minor Puppy (2):

1st Glennesters’ Glentree Tradition - promising well presented 8 month black; balanced throughout with good bone and well ribbed; head has definition which will only improve with age, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders and correct angulation front and rear; short coupled, nicely rounded quarters, straight topline with correct tailset – lively cockery movement, one would expect to see in a youngster which he continued to show at the end of the day; pleased to award Best puppy dog;

2nd  Pretty’s  Timbric Americano by Joaldy – liver roan of similar age; pleasing type with good pigmentation for this colour;  enough bone and substance at this age; well angulated; compact, well ribbed with straight topline; slightly erratic movement but he has time to grow on and settle.

Puppy (11-2):

1st Whiteheads’ Ryallcourt Nobody’s Fool   smart light blue, 11 mnth, of good make and shape;  needs to body-up and develop throughout; exhuberant, eye catching, ring presence, well handled to advantage.

2nd Mitchell’s Glowhill High Hopes – 10 mnth o/r; nicely turned out; pleasing head proportions with good pigmentation and eye colour; well bodied with good depth and plenty of bone and substance.   

3rd Bowen’s Charbonnel Rich N’Famous   11mnth dark blue; presents an attractive, compact, sturdy appearance of good type; well balanced throughout, with correct angulation, nice straight front with good legs and feet; sound moving;  well presented in good coat and condition, the handler needs to take a little more control to achieve the best.

Junior (20-1):















1st  Adams  Whinburn Night Owl  Black 15 mnths; compact, sturdy, well boned, with big ribs and nicely rounded quarters; good driving action, covering the ground; well presented;

2nd Share-Jones Sharemead Gold Bullion  13 mnth red showing the excellent the qualities of his sire; nicely balanced with substance; good reach of neck, fine shoulder placement, well angulated; sound movement, using himself well and covering the ground.

3rd Babester’s Kalispell Kingsman  13 mnth dark b/r; nicely defined head and kind expression; good angulation and balanced throughout; plenty of depth and short coupled; sound, positive movement; well handled and presented – a little less feathering and hair on the hocks would be to advantage.

Yearling (18-2):















1st Pearce-Gudger’s  Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW  this organge roan caught my eye when he entered the ring; having seen him do well in his puppy classes, he has come through junior to shine when it mattered;  head is well balanced with good definition and kind expression; good reach of neck into fine shoulder placement; correct angulation throughout with good bone and substance; good straight front and neat feet; deep, well sprung rib, short coupled with rounded, well muscled quarters; sound, driving movement, covering the ground;  presented in excellent coat and condition, he has ring presence and typical cocker attitude – a great deal to commend him – delighted to award him his first RCC.

2nd Crowley’s Ashalon Red White N’Blue  attractive light blue; liked his pleasing head and expression, and overall compact, good cocker type;  well made throughout with correct conformation; sound moving, well presented ;

3rd Gonzalez & Martinez  Gessa D’Aran Star Attraction Esp/GI JCH blue roan presents a well presented, fine example of the breed, with lots to like; nicely balanced, good reach of neck and well angulated throughout; well sprung, deep rib; short coupled with good quarters; moves well.

Undergraduate (23 – 2):

1st Thomas’  Claramand Ziggy Ziggy   organge roan youngster – another with good cocker type; stylish,  without exaggeration -  liked his well made head, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders; correct angulation and good bone.   Short, well ribbed body and nicely rounded quarters; sound, driving action; he demanded attention moving round the ring.

2nd Podrazilovas’  Coudy Canigou Oreaster  - Black, nicely presented in good coat and condition; stacked, he presents a square picture with quality and substance; liked his head and kind eye;  correct angulation throughout; well ribbed with firm topline, strong quarters; positive movement.

3rd Hall’s  Oakrosa Leon – upstanding, sound moving black with similar qualities to 2nd; well presented and handled; a little more enthusiasm on the move desirable but well deserved placing in this class.

Graduate (15-2):

1st Torbett’s  Kirlinjis Made You Look JW   -- smart, compact, blue; stands firm with a leg at each corner; quality in both type and coat; without exaggeration; good head and expression, correct angulation; good front and bone, with straight legs and neat feet; plenty of heart room, well ribbed, short coupled; strong quarters, well let down; sound moving, covering the ground.

2nd Gain & Amatt’s  Molkara Maurizio   b/r – good head and expression, moderate reach of neck, well laid shoulder placement; good spring of rib, short coupled – sound on the move.

3rd Beswick’s Jacardi or Merrily  Imp Fr – red dog, attractive type with substance and style on the move; well off for bone and body with strong quarters; sound moving and nicely presented.

Post Graduate (23 – 3):

1st Gilmour’s Chavez Royal Performance  - this kennel produces a consistent type and this black is another honest sort; well balanced, compact with substance and quality without exaggeration; nice definition in head and dark eye; correct angulation; good front with nice straight legs and tight feet;  well sprung, deep ribbed; short coupled with developed quarters; firm topline and correct tail placement; sound movement; nicely presented.

2nd Gain’s Molkara Pharrell JW –   mature red dog; with good bone and substance; balanced head with nice dark eye; well muscled, sound moving holding topline.

3rd Collins – Cassom Sky Rocket at Candyke JW – stylish b/r of quality and good type; pleasing head with gentle expression; nicely balanced throughout; correct angles, with well ribbed, compact body; sound  movement and good presentation.

Mid Limit (18- 4):













1st Pollock’s Thurness The Illusionist – good rich tan markings on this b&t; his overall compact, foresquare appearance and sound movement won him this class; he is balanced with correct body proportions; pleasing head with good reach of neck into well laid shoulder placement; well angulated, good bone and straight front; well sprung rib, nicely rounded quarters; good presentation.

2nd Craig’s Alisma Zacharius JW – b/r excellent blue roan with lots to commend his unexaggerated honest cocker type;  he is correctly made with good bone and substance; head is balanced with good definition, nice dark eye; well angulated; deep ribbed and short coupled; good strong quarters, well let down with sound, determined movement.

3rd Yilmaz’  Kalispell Kapow – plenty to like about this o/r; he has quality and substance without being overdone; kind head and expression with good pigmentation; nicely angulated; well ribbed, short coupled, sound moving and well presented.

Limit (19 - 0)

1st Kettle’s Lujesa Sky’s The Limit JW – black dog of honest proportions, type and quality expected from this kennel; much made of his difficult coat and presented to advantage; without exaggeration this dog stands soundly with plenty of bone; correct reach of neck and angulation; strong well ribbed body, short with well muscled quarters; well let down with good, positive movement

2nd De Paule’s Joy De L’Orme a Lieue – this eye catching red dog handles well in firm condition; neat presentation; pleasing well defined, balanced head proportions and kind expression; well laid back shoulders, deep ribbed and short coupled; would prefer less extension fore and aft.

3rd Hackett’s Lindridge Diamond Geeza –  excellent b/r  representative of this kennel; quality and substance with good body proportions throughout; sound, positive movement at the outset, unfortunately upset in the run-off which denied him a higher placing.

 Open (17 – 2):



1st Amos-Jones  Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW – could not deny this well known blue dog;   at his peak, he has the type, quality and construction to be competing and representing our breed at top level; his attributes have been much lauded and having judged him previously as a puppy and agreed his BIS award at The Cocker Club last year, delighted to award the CC and see him go forward to the Group as our BOB with the agreement of my co-judge.

2nd Masters’ Sh Ch Manchela Tiger Tim JW  - this black and white makes me smile; he has cocker personality in spades; with correct head and body proportions, he is so well made all through his handler has no trouble getting the best out of him both stacked and moving;  presented in gleaming coat and condition – strong contender in my choice for top awards.

3rd Hackett’s Lindridge Smart Move – light blue with substance and quality; balanced with good head proportions and kind expression; strong limbed and well bodied; sound, true movement.

 F Trial (0):

Working Gundog (2 – 1):












1st Ligne’s Iplacea Brooklyn – this black proves the continued working ability of a show-type cocker; of good type, balanced with correct angulation throughout, deep chested and well bodied with firm straight top-line which he held both stacked and moving; strong quarters, wonderful muscle tone – moved out with drive and purpose;  presented in excellent coat and condition.

 Good Citizens (15 – 2):













1st Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshaya ShCm – honest blue roan of correct make and shape; liked his balanced head and good cocker type; sound moving and presented in good condition;  handled well to win this mixed class.

2nd Tobett’s  Kirlinjis Dare to Stare ShCm – blue roan, well put down in good coat and condition; balanced appearance with fine shoulder placement and correct angulation throughout; well bodied and sound moving.

3rd Marris-Bray’s Helenwood Black Ice – black, good sort beneath a difficult coat; plenty of bone and substance; good strong limbs; sound movement.



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The End of a wonderful day...............!

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