Buffy -


         Typical solid puppies from Withiflor
Pups on chair


11 Withiflor Touching Wood15 Withiel Zephyr B&W photo  






Withiel Zephyr                                                                         Withiflor Touching Wood
by ShCh Quettadene Emblem x Cintillia Golden Rythm                                       by W Squadron Ldr x W Word
winner of several Best in Show awards at General Open Show level -                    (by Sh Ch Asquanne's Glenfiddich)
she set me on the road and taught me much in the early days !

10 Withiflor Squadron Leader (Rowley)

   Withiflor Squadron Leader
dob 22.06.1990)
Rowley gave many years of loyalty and devotion;  he enjoyed his time in the ring, gaining a 1st in his class at Crufts under the late Mrs Patricia Shaw (Lochdene) and Best Veteran in Show at The Cocker Club during the 90's; he proved to be a good stud and features in my solid lines

Esher  Breeze

Withiflor Fluff
by Sh Ch Lujesa Happy Too
ex Withiflor Fenella (by W Squadron Ldr)

 Withiflor Summer Breeze (dam of W Squadron Ldr)
by Sorbrook Hot Pursuit
ex Rosalie Golden Promise

Rosalee Golden Promise (Rosie) - my first Cocker, bless her;
what a naughty girl she was - could run and swim all day !  
Althought not a show dog, she gave me some good pups.....
and here we are today !


 George Head Study

Photo by Farlap
Withiflor White Knight JW ShCm Rcc 
(Sire: Sh Ch Charbonnel Warlord  Dam: Withiflor White Witch - by Withiflor Touching Wood)




Venue Crufts 2012

  Photos by Magdalena Malkowiak 

 Withiflor Shiny Boots (above) and Withiflor Northern Light JW (below)
   (Sire: Sh Ch Charbonnel Swedish Design  Dam: Withiflor Shining - by Withiflor White Knight)

 Mars Crufts 2012 (2)


 Blondie Head Study

Sh Ch Canigou Story Time at Withiflor JW

Roly 3 Cos 2015 (3)

Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone JW
Photo  Ian Scott


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