Pedigrees - Dogs

Pedigrees - Dogs


PEDIGREE OF: …WITHIFLOR Rolling Stone  JW                                                              

Colour: Golden            Date of Birth:…28.06.2013                                                    

Health Status – Hereditary Clear PRA and FN;  BVA Eye tested clear certificate and Gonioscopy - 







Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star

(Black and Tan)





Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gillespie 


Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales

Faymyr Chickadee Tan Spats

Burlough BUck

Cleopatra of Faymyr

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Ghia

Sh Ch Quettadene Emblem

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Genevieve JW


Sh Ch Asquanne’s Georgette

Sh Ch Quettadene Discretion

Sh Ch Perrytree The Dreamer

Sh Ch Quettadene Modesty

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Giorgio

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales

Kendrick Kandice of Asquanne




Sh Ch Canigou Classic Rock



Sh Ch Claramand Rock-n-Roll with Molkara

Claramand The Man in Black

Claramand Hotshot JW

Sh Ch So Sad Cinderella of Claramand

Paisley’s quite a bit of Claramand

SuCh Claramand B’Serious

NuCh Paisley’s Jewel of the Night


Sh Ch Canigou Classical

Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Gold

Quettadene Footsteps

Sh Ch Canyonn Celeste

Canigou Camisole

Sh Ch Canigou Cambrai

Cornbow Virginia by Canigou





Sh Ch

Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW  

Dob  20.10.2009

Kc reg no  AK04566405

Microchip no:


Hereditarily clear: PRA and FN

CC Crufts 2012

CC and BOB Crufts 2013