Pedigrees - Bitches

Pedigrees - Bitches


PEDIGREE OF: …WITHIFLOR Mille Feuille……                                  
            Colour:…Blue Roan                                                                                            
Date of Birth:…4th April 2014                                  

Health Status:  Hereditary Clear FN and PRA;                                    









Sh Ch

Charbonnel Life ‘N’ Times






Manaca’s Learn Life’s Ropes at Charnonnel



Swed Dan & Nor Ch Manaca’s Beat About the Bush


Nor Ch Travis Vital Spark

 Nor Ch Tomboys Tailor Made

 Travis Neon Lights


Nor & Swed Ch Manaca;s Rain or Shine

Northworth A True Ashgrove

Swed Ch Manaca’s Alice in Chains



Manaca’s Cross Country


Swed Ch Eisbar Vom Schloss Hellenstein

Germ Ch Brooksong Blue Suede Shoes

Nudeldicke Deern Bom Schloss Hellenstein


Swed Ch Manaca’s Alice in Chains

Stockdale American Prayer

Manaca’s Chain Reaction






Charbonnel Pinny’N’Pearls


Sh Ch Terriles Tonuelo JW


Terriles Taittinger

Sorbrook Bucks Fizz

TerrilesThesee of Fyawenydd

Terriles Traviata

Palacecraig Sultan of Swing

Terrriles Tachete



Charbonnel Girls’N’ Pearls

Terriles Toyoyama JW

Sh Ch Terriles Taguchi

Tudorgold The Dew Fairy


Charbonnel Kiss’N’ Cuddle

Sh Ch Glowhill Rob Roy

Charbonnel Short ‘N’ Stormy







Withiflor Blunique




Sh Ch Lindridge Star Quest


Terriles Taittinger

Sorbrook Bucks Fizz

Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrook

Sorbrook Airs and Graces

Terriles Thsee

Terriles Toyoyama

Terriles Traviata


Lindridge Orange Maid

Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack

Sorbrook Bucks FIz

Glowhill Miss Demeanour

Lindridge Saffron

Sh Ch Lindridge Star Turn

Lindridge City Girl




Withiflor About a Blue


Worlewood Aint No Sunshine

Sh Ch Glowhill Scrumpy Jack

Sorbrook Bucks FIzz

Glowhill Miss Demeanour

Glowhill Miss Match

Sh Ch Glowhill Rob Roy

Glowhill Iron Maiden


Withiflor Blue’s Beautiful

Terriles Tonuelo

Terriles Taittinger

Terriles Traviata

Charbonnel Pick N’ Daisies for Withiflor

Sh Ch Lindridge Star Turn

Charbonnel Pick N’ Mix





PEDIGREE OF:  SH CH Canigou Story Time at Withiflor JW

DOB:  20.10.2009 -  Health Status:  Hereditary clear FN and PRA













 Sh Ch Weirdene   Winning Sweep




Weirdene Sunglint



Weirdene Western Timothy

Lochdene Sebastian



Weirdene Gilder Rose




Weirdene Wild Panzy

Weirdene Winagain



Weirdene Crystal






Weirdene Will be News




Weirdene Winagain

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales



Weirdene Waki Gold




Weirdene Wishful Thinker

Beligar Walsh of Weirdene



Weirdene Whim Wham






 Canigou Tail me a Story RCC(HS 8:6)BPIB Crufts 2008



Sh Ch & Spanish ChHelenwood Technique


Sh Ch Kendalwood Campaigner

Sh Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales



Kendalwood Cointreau




Helenwood Chances Are

Lujesa Copper Kettle at Helenwood



Polarmoon Celtic Magic at Helenwood





Sh Ch Canigou Classical(HS 6:8) 


Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Gold

Quettadene Footsteps (1CC)(HS 6:6)



Sh Ch Canyonn Celeste




Canigou Camisole (HS 6:7)

Sh Ch Canigou CambraiBIS Crufts 1996 (HS 6:6)



CornbowVirginia by Canigou 4 RCC’s   (HS 7:3)




PEDIGREE OF:WITHIFLOR Shiny Boots       Colour:…Black   
Date of Birth:… 14.05.2010……                   
Health Status:  Hereditary clear FN; PRA Carrier - Gonioscopy clear and current BVA/PRA eye text