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Christmas Greetings 2020
....and what a year it has been; who could have thought

that Crufts would be the last and only Show on the calendar - and Blondie's last appearance.
however, we have youngsters just waiting for the off and I have had hours of
grooming practice - 
let us hope that 2021 begins to show the light and we can come through
to something we can recognise as normal.

Happy New year !


October 2020 
marking Ringcraft..


image0 image1
image4 P1030192
image2 image3

Withiflor Tiny Dancer (Top) 
Sire - Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone ex Withiflor Book Worm; and

Withiflor Fine Romance
Sire - Sh Ch Lujesa Impossible Dream
ex Withiflor Science Fiction

- learning the ropes and hoping for 2021


August 2020



Show Champion Canigou Story Time at Withiflor JW
20.10.2009 - 03.08.2020

Rest my beautiful Blondie
for your Story has been told
and your Time has come

From the making of you
and the nurturing;
to the schooling and competing

The travelling in hope
and anticipation
your quality and true type won through

Champion and Mother of Champions
you played your part
and fulfilled our every dream

Your boundless enthusiasm
and will to please
made you the very best of everything.

My thanks to everyone who thought so highly of Blondie
and took us on a fantastic journey - it has been a blast...

2020 "Lockdown" 

...all very frustrating, with new puppies at home, very cheap fuel and nowhere to go !!...

we can be thankful for the glorious Spring weather and time - time to do all those things we have on our List and promised to do sometime - no excuses !
garden pristine, house decorated and dogs well groomed.... well, almost !


P1030015 P1030019


Withiflor Valentine (Black & Tan dog)

Withiflor Fine Romance (Black bitch)

(Sire: Sh Ch Lujesa Impossible Dream
Dam:  Withiflor Science Fiction)








Withiflor Tiny Dancer (Pip)
(Sire: Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone 
Dam: Withiflor Book Worm)

P1030033 P1030034



CRUFTS 06.03.2020

Mr Ian Scott (Middlegill) Dogs
Mr Mark Boswell (Marquel) Bitches

Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone (very well handled by Fran) - Reserve (4th) Open Dog - from an entry of 30 !

Sh Ch Canigou Story Time at Withiflor JW - 1st Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Breed
the judge said....
"...What a lovely bitch.  10 yers and super fit !  Balanced, correct head, body and angulatlion.  Good front, moved and presented
in excellent condition.  A credit to her owner and her breeding."

Fran's Withiflor Fairy Tale - 1st Post Graduate Bitch
the judge said...
"Lovely feminine well presented gold bitch.  Super head, body and quarters.  Correct op line, 
the best of legs and feet.  Happy, moved well and with drive."


A great day............ see "Crufts 2020" page for pics...